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The Home Edit Dish Pod Holder/Multipurpose Storage Bin, 4.5"H x 9"W x 4.75"D

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EVERY PRODUCT HAS A PLACE. The Home Edit Dishwasher Pod Storage Bin can be used on its own or with The Home Edit Cabinet Door Organizer. This storage bin allows everyday cleaning essentials like dishwasher pods to be easily accessible, yet stored out of sight. The bin stores up to 52 standard-sized pods, can be hung on a cabinet door and has a flip open lid for easy access. It can also be attached to The Home Edit Cabinet Door Organizer by using the built-in clips. We believe that any space can function efficiently while looking beautiful with a smart storage solution on your side. Our products help you get organized, and most importantly, stay that way!
  • Stores up to 52 standard-sized dishwasher pods
  • Side safety tabs keep lid securely closed
  • Hooks can be used to hang directly onto a cabinet door for easy access
  • Compatible with The Home Edit Cabinet Door Organizer system
  • Can also be used to store Walmart bags, sponges, or any small objects that add clutter under the sink


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