How to Transform Your Desk Into a Vanity

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How to Transform Your Desk Into a Vanity

What’s better than a space that helps you do something? A space that helps you do two somethings. It’s basic math, y’all! As long as you have a desk, you have a vanity. And if you do it right, you’ll have a system that streamlines your entire routine. Goodbye, trying to balance your makeup bag on ledge of the sink. Hello, practicing how to apply lip liner while on a Zoom call. 

Grab these solutions and follow these tips to create a getting ready station that works just as hard as you do. 


A Thing of Beauty

In a small space, store office supplies in the desk drawer to make space for a makeup station on top of your desk. We love our 4-Drawer Makeup Solution from The Container Store to create a vanity space.

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Office Hours

We recommend using matching organizing bins for school supplies in your drawers. Mismatched containers can get sloppy, especially in a small space. 

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Hair Care

This genius organizer from Pottery Barn keeps keeps your hair tools in check, and we love that it can hang on the wall or even mount to the side of your desk. Bye, pile of tangled cords and accessories!

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Lipstick Organizer
Hollywood Vanity Mirror
Beauty Tower
Baby Bins
Beauty Wall Organizer
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Sticky Note Set

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