Y'all know we are big fans of headbands, both organizing them and wearing them, which is why we created a collection of statement headbands, as well as colorful clips, cute barrettes, and fun scrunchies. Don't make us choose a favorite! 

Here, we're catching up with our Director of Product Development, Sumner Canfield, on the thinking behind our newest hair collection pieces, plus how she's wearing them from the couch to the holiday party scene. 

Sumner Says

Q: What's the origin story for The Home Edit's hair collection?

A: "Joanna is known for a signature headband moment, so we wanted to pay homage to that through our Walmart line. Hair accessories are such a fun opportunity for The Home Edit to share our love of all things rainbow, outside of our traditional storage and organization items. And the value on these high-end looking items can’t be beat!"

Q: Perhaps more importantly, how should we be organizing our hair accessories?

A: "All of our new items fit so nicely in the existing pieces from our storage and organization collection. The pins sit wonderfully on the tray of the narrow bin, and you can store scrunchies and claw clips below. And of course, we had to provide a full ROYGBIV moment in the headband assortment!"

Q: Tell us a bit more about the new collection of 20 styles.

A: "We wanted this collection to carry you from holiday parties into the spring. You'll find vibrant satin and cozy knit headbands, luxurious velvet-like hair pins, and claw clips that can take you from season to season."

Q: What's your favorite item in the collection?

A: "The green padded headband feels like a no-brainer for my red hair, and I love how much volume is has. I also think the red and pink heart pins will be so fun for the holidays and on to Valentine’s Day."

Q: Where are you wearing The Home Edit hair accessories this holiday season?

A: "I’ll be headed home to DC for the holidays and will be sure to show off the fun pieces at some parties. Otherwise, catch me in the claw clips on the couch bingeing a show I need to catch up on."

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