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The Home Edit Plunger/Bowl Brush Combo with Caddy

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SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN. The Home Edit Toilet Bowl Brush and Plunger Set is a two-in-one unit that features two bathroom essentials in one streamlined design that will elevate your bathroom. The bowl brush has durable bristles with a built-in splash guard that protects while you clean, while the plunger cup has a protruding flange designed for maximum pressure to clear clogs fast. A compact caddy stores both tools discreetly and keep floors clean and dry. The Home Edit Toilet Bowl Brush & Plunger Set is a space saving bathroom must have.
  • Space-saving caddy keeps floors clean and dry
  • Two-in-one unit provides discreet storage for the bowl brush & plunger
  • Durable bristles for a sparkling clean bowl
  • Effective plunger cup clears clogs fast


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