We organize all types of spaces every day of the week. And no matter how many celebrity closets we do - NOTHING seems to get people more excited than a pantry! So it got us thinking.. what could we bring into people's homes that would be useful, informative, and of course, pretty to look at. After a lot (A LOT) of discussion, samples, and prototypes, we are excited to debut THE pantry kit - our version of DIY organizing and the first edition in THE kit series.

As you can see in the images, included in THE pantry kit you'll find:

  1. A white and gold Russell + Hazel mini binder filled with 50 pages of our pantry projects, tips + tricks, supply lists, and a place for your notes.

  2. A custom Poppin #THEkit pen for you to write down dimensions, ideas, or sketch your own space.

  3. THE pantry labels (pack of 18) produced on clear vinyl with white ink in our signature script.

  4. A set of 6 spice jars hand labeled in white ink (the labels can be customized since they are done made to order).

  5. A tape measure to help get your started.

When we first embarked on this process it was due in large part to the constant stream of DIY questions we receive. There are so many people who naturally want to organize themselves, and don't really know where to start. We figured by compiling our favorite projects, giving some instruction, and telling people what to buy - it would give them a head start. Then came the question of how to package it.. We didn't want to make a standard coffee table book, and we knew we wanted it to be interactive and useful. So the Russell + Hazel mini binder became the perfect solution! As THE kit series grows, you can simply add on the additional insert pages to your binder.

As for the other components, we knew we had to create pantry labels (we get asked about selling labels every day!), and we thought it would be fun to do something lux like a spice collection. Creating a pen (or COURSE it needed to be Poppin!) and including a tape measure (our every day tool) felt like the right combination of pieces.

It was also really important to us that the products be versatile, and be both reused and repurposed. Our goal is to help you get organized, not to bring clutter into your home, so every piece of THE pantry kit was selected with great care. The binder and spice jars can be added to, the pen and tape measure are also every day items in your home, the labels can be reused on different jars or bins, and even the high gloss white box would be perfect for storage or on open shelving.

And just so you can see the clear labels in action, here are a few images. Note, the jars and bins are not included and are only pictured for example purposes.

Whether you are looking to treat yourself, or treat someone else - we hope you love THE kit as much as we do!

Meal Prep Cutting Board

Our jaws dropped when we discovered this cutting board. It has containers that slide underneath, so you can chop your food and instantly store your pre-prepped items in the cute containers that come with it. We love this for prepping and storing items for kids lunches, plus it comes with graters for prepping cheese and more.

THE Rating: 10/10, our minds still are blown by this one!

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Pizza Storage Container

Another "why didn't we think of that moment" was discovering this pizza storage container via TikTok. This container has individual trays inside that each hold one slice of leftover pizza. When you're ready to reheat, pull the microwave-safe tray out and heat your pizza with ease.

THE Rating: 8/10, we love this so much but it's not an absolute must-have if your family doesn't have the local pizza place on speed dial like us.

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Ziploc & Foil Organizers

If there's anything we hate, it's a bunch of non-uniform boxes of plastics bags and aluminum foil shoved into a drawer. Enter: this amazing bag and foil organizer. We love using it with our labels to make drawer magic in 10 minutes flat.

THE Rating: 10/10, every kitchen needs this organizer. Period.

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Garlic Chopper
Drink Dispenser
Vegetable Chopper
Acrylic Cutting Board
Bagel Guillotine
Water Bottle Sorter
Herb Scissors
Jar Opener

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