We've been enormous fans of Elsie Larson and A Beautiful Mess for years. So when Elsie moved to Nashville, we basically forced her to hang out with us. And over lunch one day, we decided to do a kitchen collaboration that resulted in everything you see below.

Now, I will tell you.... just the thought of working on a space in Elsie's INCREDIBLE house left us with ALL the wide-eyed emojis. But once we got going, the pressure melted away and it turned into our favorite project (and day?) of all time. It also helped that the kitchen had MINT APPLIANCES, white and gold everything, open shelving, and a cabinet of iconic rainbow glassware. Not to mention, we were able to work with Elsie who is the most authentically creative, generous, and humble person alive.

So here are some pics of the space and a shopping list of products! Let us know if the comments if you have any questions!

For the kitchen drawers, we lined each one with a different type of paper and used shallow clear (so you could still see the paper!) drawer organizers to keep everything contained.

1. InterDesign shallow drawer organizers

2. Clear expandable drawer dividers

3. Rifle Paper Co. ombre wrapping paper  and happy stripes

Moving on to Elsie's pantry.. It was a narrow space with very deep shelves. We looked high and low and had a hard time finding anything that took advantage of the space. Until we found these PERFECT bins at Target (in the bath aisle no less!).

1. Threshold hyacinth large bath basket (the other sizes are a different shape)

2. Quattro Stagioni jars with gold lids

3. Sharpie paint pen to label the jars and shelf rims.

We utilized Elsie's rolling cart to hold coffee, tea, and other beverages - so we wanted to carry the hyacinth materials throughout!

1. Hyacinth large tray

2. Hyacinth small bins

Drawers and pantries are our jam... but when it comes to styling shelves... well, that's ELSIE'S jam. So how on earth were we going to contribute something that would compliment her kitchen? We're really happy with how it turned out, but I'll admit to trembling a little bit while labeling the spice jars.

1. 6 oz glass spice bottles with white lids

2. Hermetic glass storage jars in medium and large sizes

3. Tosca basket with wooden handles

And our favorite moment of all actually required no product. Elsie already created a masterpiece with her colorful glassware collection, and we were able to style the cabinet to the right. We took her copper pieces, and copper Kitchen-Aid and (again with slightly trembly hands) went to town.

A huge thank you to Elsie for letting us invade her home for 12 hours - we can't wait to do it again soon!

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Photographs by Elsie Larson // Edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

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