Moving into 2024: Clea & Joanna's Moving Method

After moving at the same time, Clea and Joanna share their best moving tips and advice for how they made the process as stress-free as possible. Hint: Champagne was involved. 


When it comes to moving – whether the move be across the street, around the world, or maybe you're just moving things within the home—the process can be…a lot. The purging, the packing, the shipping, the organizing—there are so many things to juggle, but we believe it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Golden advice: Start early, and start with a major edit. That's right, get those trash bags involved. 

Clea and Joanna both just moved into their new homes at the same time (because they're pretty much always on the same page!). To make the process as easy as possible, they used the months leading up to go through everything in their homes – sorting out early what to keep, toss, and donate. That work ahead of time, of what to keep and what to cut, made the process of packing itself incredibly quick and easy. We’re talking done-in-less-than-a-day easy!

From how to edit (and purge!) your spaces to making unpacking as painless as possible, we caught up with Clea & Joanna to get their top tips for organizing your next move – as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at the reality of their recent adventures. 

Moving In with Clea & Joanna

Here, the THE team caught up with Clea & Joanna on their recent moves, their must-haves, and, of course, how they're getting and staying organized.

Q: How long has your recent moving process been?

Clea:  The  move, I guess, has been in the  works for almost two years exactly,  but  sincerely in the works for the last six  months.  And  now  it's  here!

Joanna: I  would  say from start  to  finish it's been about a two year process - although we’re already moved in, we are still finishing up!

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite part of moving?

C:  My least favorite part about  moving is the anticipation. I love everything else!

J:  I'll  tell you my  favorite part of moving.  That's the editing! I mean, what's  better  than  getting  rid  of  things and  knowing  that  they're  not  coming  to  a  new  place  to  start  fresh?  My  least  favorite  part  of  moving  is  the  boxes.  I  just  want  them  immediately  gone – like  gone,  gone,  gone!

Q: When did you start & finish packing?

C:  So,  the  most  important  part  of  packing  is  actually  way  before  any  boxes  arrive!  It's  going  room  by  room,  drawer by  drawer,  cabinet,  closet,  all  of  it,  and  weeding  out  anything  you  do  not  want  to  bring  to  the  new  house.  That  means  things  you  don't  use,  things  you  don't  love,  things  that  aren't  even  special  to  you  anymore. I  went through  my  sentimental  boxes.  I  went  through  things  that  I  thought  were  special  and  then  I  was  like,  it's  not  that  special.  So  by  the  time  packing  started,  honestly,  most  of  the  work  was  done! The  movers  just  put  everything in  the  box  and  that  was  it. Starting  packing  and  finishing  packing  is  a  one  day  process!

J:  Well,  that's  an  excellent  question! Here's  the  thing, we  actually had  movers  pack  us. I  had  already  thought  about  where  every  single  little  item  was  gonna  go,  down  to  the  suitcases! I  don't recall  how  long  it  took  all  together,  but  I  know  I  was  prepping  for  months.

Q: What are your must-haves and must-edits when moving?

C:  I get rid of a lot, like, shockingly a lot, especially beauty products. Moving is  a  great  time  to  get  rid  of things!  Especially in the food/pantry department. Can I  just  come  with  my  closet? I  just  want  to  come  with  my  clothes  and  let's  start  over  with  everything  else.  A must-have is,  of course, champagne. It's  good  when  you're  stressed, it's  good  for  celebrating. It's also good for the in -between moments. Stressed? I'll  have  a  glass  of  champagne. Time to celebrate? I'll have a glass of champagne! 

J:  I need a lot of coffee and a  lot of sweet treats and rewards because you need to keep the  energy up! I refuse to keep items that I  know my kids no longer need, play with, or fit! Often, we don't get everything edited out during the packing process,  so  we  do  another  pass  once  we  move  into  the  new  house.  So  two  passes,  it's  two  for  the  price  of  one!

Q: What was your biggest learning from this move?

C:  Building  a  house  for  this  long  and the anticipation was hard for me - I can’t do this again!  I know that is tough to believe because  I've  moved so many  times, but  I’m done!  I can't,  I'm  finished!  Show this to me the next time I say I want to move.  Here's  the  thing,  I'm  not  moving  again.  So  you'll  never  show  it  to  me.  Because  I'm  not  moving  again.

J:  What  I  learned  about  this  process  is  not  to  let  my  husband  weigh  in  at  all! Because  I  asked  him one question about  one  wallpaper,  and  I  didn't  like  his  response.  I  didn't  ask  him  anything  else,  and  he  basically  didn't  see  the  house  until  we  moved in!

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THE Moving Strategy

Now that we've caught up with Clea & Joanna on all things moving, it's only fair that we share their signature four-step approach to packing and moving that will definitely save you a moving box or two.

Step 1: Edit

Don't even think about cracking a cardboard box before you edit what you have in your current home. What do you actually use and what’s just taking up space? We're looking at you dated holiday decor and outgrown sports equipment!

For those things that don’t make the cut, put them aside to donate, recycle, and resell! We're also here to tell you that it's ok to throw things away during this process. There's nothing more crucial than a good purge when you're heading to a new home.

Step 2: Categorize

Now that you've edited, it's time to categorize everything by the room it will live in when you get to your new home.  Are you relocating some of your primary bedroom items to a guest bedroom? Moving kids' toys from their rooms to the playroom?

Save yourself time during the unpacking proess by grouping everything into categories according to its final destination. This is a great time to reassess your current systems and spaces, and plan ahead to update what's not working. New house, new you.

Step 3: Contain

Once you’ve done the first two steps, packing should be a cinch!  We recommend using color-coded packing tape for each room for easy visual recognition (Ex. Living = Blue Tape, Kitchen = Red Tape, etc.). This will make unpacking as quick and painless as possible.

When you arrive in your new space, contain each category using an organizing solution like bins, baskets or drawers. For inspiration, look no further than Clea's skincare drawer at her new house. #goals

Step 4: Maintain

We have a strict rule when it comes to unpacking—completely empty one box before opening another. Break it down, get rid of the cardboard and repeat.

Once you have everything unboxed and in its new happy little home in your space, take time once a week to check up on your systems and put things back where they go. An organized space = an organized mind!

Now the only thing left to do is get the tape, get the boxes, and get moving! For a little more moving inspiration – and because we’re truly in it with you – follow us on Instagram and Tiktok for behind-the-scenes from our moves and more moving tips. Happy packing y’all!

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