The Home Edit’s Moving Guide

You’ve moved. We’ve moved. Everybody has moved. And it remains true: moving stinks.
The Home Edit’s Moving Guide

Like, the absolute worst. But we have news! As semi-professional movers (we both recently moved this year for the zillionth time!), we have figured out how to take out as much of the pain so you can feel organized in your new home. (Yes, it’s possible!)


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THE’s Moving Kit

Rainbow Tape
Label Printer
Vacuum Storage Bags
Mini Vaccum
Protective Moving Containers

#1 Edit, Edit, Edit

If you have been here for a hot minute, you know that every project always starts with an edit, whether you’re refreshing your pantry or moving an entire home. This is the perfect time to reevaluate everything, from the pens in your junk drawer that haven't worked for the past 3 presidential administrations (toss) to that well-loved sectional in your family room that you don’t have a place for in your new home (donate).

Remember: If there isn’t a clear place for something, donate or recycle it. Even if you love it. Even if it was expensive. Save yourself from the garage graveyard of furniture that doesn’t have a place inside.

#2 Categorize + Contain

Draw a floor plan for your new rooms so as you pack, you can designate an item to that space for movers to place. Seriously, do this step before moving. It will save 1,345,509 minutes, give or take.

Once you’ve mapped out a room, start packing the least used items first. (So they are at the bottom of the box.) For closets, we suggest using garment boxes (organized by color, obvi). Once a box is packed, move it out of the way (like a garage) so you can see what remains to be done.

Pro Tip: Designate a color tape for each room. This makes it quickly recognizable for you and the movers (plus guest towels won’t end up in the playroom). Bonus points if you label boxes with any additional information about the contents to help when unpacking. The more specific, the better! Labeling “Kitchen” is great, but extra gold stars if you go the distance with your designations, like “upper cabinets by pantry”. Post-move you will thank pre-move you.

#3 The First Box

“The First Box” is simply the very first box you open at the new house. While the contents change for everyone, big hitters include toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, a pizza cutter, disposable plates, a welcome mat, scissors, a box cutter, Lysol wipes, light bulbs, pet food, snacks, drinks, and kid activities to keep them busy as you unpack.

#4 The Last Bag

This bag stays with you and does not go on the moving truck. Think: passports, will and important documents, great grandma’s jewelry, and other family heirlooms. This will bring such peace of mind during the process with lots of moving parts and not wanting important things to get lost in the shuffle.

#5 You Got This!!

All this extra prep work is so worth it to make the move as smooth as possible so you can actually enjoy setting up your new house. It will be worth it, we believe in you!

Wait, did moving just become fun?

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