How to Unpack After Moving Into a New Home

Did you just move (like us!) or dreading a move very soon? (Been there!) We’ve shared the DL with our Moving Guide, but now it's time to grab that box cutter and—truly—get moving.
How to Unpack After Moving Into a New Home

Warning! This stage is the danger zone. The part where you say, “I’ll deal with that box later” then 3 years go by and your tablecloths are still in an unopened box in your garage. Don’t do this! Stay the course with this unpacking guide that will help make your house feel like a home sooner!

Unpacking Picks

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The First Day

You feel overwhelmed. Totally normal! Everything looks like chaos. Totally normal! That’s why we recommend packing “The First Box” which is simply the very first box we open at the new house. While the contents change for everyone, big hitters include toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, a pizza cutter, disposable plates, a welcome mat, scissors, a box cutter, Lysol wipes, light bulbs, pet food, snacks, drinks, and kid activities to keep them busy as you unpack.

Right Side of The Bed

Another tip to feel in control is the second you have a mattress in the bedroom, make the bed. Even if it's on the ground! Even if there is no furniture and lots of boxes. It is a mental nesting trick that makes you feel at ease. (Plus, you’ll be exhausted at the end of the first day. You’re welcome.)

Pick Favorites

Start unpacking the most used rooms first (bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) That’s why we recommend drawing floor plans of each room during the packing process, so you can distribute the floorplans to helpers to share the unpacking responsibility. Repeat after us: Delegate!

Outside the Box

As you unpack, put an empty box away before opening another. This is another mind game you can win at! To have one less box in your home feels like a shooting gold star.

Low Maintenance

All the boxes are gone? Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment. You can officially switch to maintenance mode. Our third book, Stay Organized, outlines how to keep the systems in your newly organized home in place. You got this! And most importantly, welcome home!

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